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Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

     Dive deeper! Dive longer! Dive more!  Avid scuba divers take the enriched air nitrox diver course because of its benefits.  This course is perfect for scuba divers who dive every day and would like to avoid the feeling of being exhausted at the end of each dive. The higher percentages of oxygen in your air mix will leave you feeling good and sometimes even feeling rejuvenated after each dive. The Enriched Air Nitrox Diver certification is the first step in the direction of technical diving.


The Fun Part 

     Diving with nitrox for the first time is exciting.  You will set yourself apart on the boat charter as a unique diver when you go diving with your scuba instructor for the first time with nitrox.  After your first dive with nitrox you will feel the difference. 


What You’ll Learn

     The goal of the Enriched Air Nitrox course is to teach students about the positive and negative effects of O2 on the body.  Students learn how to choose the correct, proper blend of air / nitrox for specific dive profiles, how to analyze oxygen percentages, how to determine maximum depth limits according to a nitrox mix, and how to set a dive computer specifically for a nitrox dive profile.


Who can take this course? 

     This course is open to all BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI, etc. certified scuba divers who are at least 15 years old and want to become NAUI or PADI enriched air certified.


Training Schedule

• Independent study at home

• Day one: 2 hours of class, graduation; and

• Day two: (optional/deluxe package only) go on a dive tour and do two dives using nitrox.


Course Tuition


This package includes 2 hours of class and nitrox certification. It does not include course materials. 



This package includes 2 hours of class, a full set of rental gear, two boat dives with nitrox, and certification. It does not include course materials and personal gear: mask and snorkel. 


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Your Next Adventure

     After completing the Nitrox Diver specialty course, why not try another specialty like Deep Diver or Search & Recovery Diver?  Each specialty you do can be used towards earning your Master Diver rating.